On my journey to self - discovery and serendipity, I found that most of the time my surrounding is the real challenge to achieve my goal. As girls usually like 'tea', I found myself suffocating from it. I don't like gossiping, I feel like it take so much of my energy. Often, when a gossip... Continue Reading →

Pause the Moment: Paris

Oh the City of Love.. Red beret, stripe shirt and black skirts, the smell of freshly baked bread, La Vie En Rose playing in the air, people playing accordion on the roadside, and all the images associated with Paris. Before we came here, I did extensive reads on the two sides of the world -... Continue Reading →

The Birthday Misery

My mum's birthday is just a couple of days away. It deeply saddened me that I just could not be there to celebrate her 61st birth anniversary. 2020 sucks, and I can't be the first one to say that. Birthdays in general is a huge thing for me. We might only talked three times and... Continue Reading →

Pause the Moment: HaNoi

In 2018, the whole of Akmal's clan and I went for a week vacation in Hanoi. It is a unique vacation for us and most Malaysians cause usually travelers would prefer going to Ho Chi Minh, when it comes to being in Vietnam. Let me enlighten you about these two, one is a shopping paradise,... Continue Reading →

Life’s Like That: Opinions

Few days ago, this thoughts came to mind in which, I have seen so many people around me, and I myself, who decide based on what other people say. Everyone is entitled to their own judgements. Their own definitions of right and wrong, and where they draw the lines. As much as I am all... Continue Reading →

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